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I noticed your staff displayed a very
warm and friendly attitude towards all the
clients that come in and go; it provides a
very comforting atmosphere to say the least.
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Holistic Dentistry

We hear the term "holistic dentist" more often now than ever before. If you're like many other people, you may have wondered what this term really means.

Holistic Dentistry Montreal - Holistic Dentistry Surgery Doing Although there are certain specific details contained in holistic dentistry, the main vision is that a holistic practice is geared towards the treatment of clients, not patients. Our patients are active participants in the planning and implementation of their dental treatment.

This makes perfect sense, since your smile is your own. In order to reach your best possible oral health, you need teamwork with your dentist. By working together, we create a mutually respectful experience that is most beneficial for every client.

A dentist who practices from a holistic standpoint is trained just as traditionally practicing dentists, receiving the same basic education and hands-on training. Where we differ is in our continued educational process that is constantly ongoing. This means that your holistic dentist learns about both alternative and complementary medicine, with the goal of providing the safest, most efficient form of treatment in every scenario.

Holistic Dentistry Montreal - Before After Case Our holistic practice has built excellent working relationships with other alternative practitioners to whom we can refer should the need arise. Both within our office and with any practitioner we work with, your overall health is the primary goal. We never seek to simply treat a symptom, but keep an eye on what will be most beneficial to health and wellbeing.

A large aspect of holistic dentistry is the extended choice of materials used in restorative procedures, as well as the technique in which certain procedures are carried out. As we have learned more about the harmful components contained in some conventional dental materials, holistic practitioners have steered away from the use of such substances. The use of amalgam fillings, for instance, is avoided by a holistic practitioner as the World Health Organization tells us that there is more mercury found in amalgam fillings than in dietary sources like fish, and environmental pollution combined. What better way to guard the health of clients than to remove such a known toxin.

A final detail about holistic dentistry is that we care about our environment in an active way, using products and techniques that are safe for the environment, and recycling where we can.

The mouth is just one part of an entire working system - one that is incredibly important. In providing our clients with the highest standard of holistic dental care, we promote better health.

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Patient Testimonial
"Thank you for doing such excellent work in the removal of my amalgam mercury fillings. Your skills and expertise are definitely worth travelling for and I would travel this far again as it is very much worth the hassle."

~ VC, Alberta